Import Members from CSV

Created by: Paul Nuschke on Sept. 17, 2018

Have a spreadsheet with your members in it? Learn how to import that CSV into SpeedIn.

With SpeedIn, you have two fundamental options to import members. You can import a CSV of your member or you can import through an integration with QuickBooks. Each of these options works a bit differently.

Importing by CSV

Whether you are moving to SpeedIn from another application, or if you have been managing your members by spreadsheet, you can easily import those members into SpeedIn. Download the CSV Import Template.

Import from CSV

Required Columns and Fields

When you import, SpeedIn requires each of the columns in the sample CSV except the delete column, which is used for notes. However, only the first name, last name, and parent fields must be filled in. In addition, if you have an existing spreadsheet, you do not need to delete other columns but they will be ignored.

How the ID Field Works

So that you can manage your members by spreadsheet if needed, SpeedIn allows you to import members multiple times from the same file. To make this work, it is important to specify a unique ID for each member. This unique ID is stored in SpeedIn and allows you to import from a CSV multiple times without creating duplicate members in SpeedIn. If you already have a unique ID field, make sure to name it “id”. If not, you can populate the field automatically using a formula.

Parent ID

If your members are part of a family or group, you will want to use parent_id. To do that, you assign one member to be the head of household or “parent”. You then use their parent_id for each member of that family. For example, in the same file, John Doe is a member of Jane Doe’s family. Because the tool sequentially reads in top to bottom, it’s important to have any parent members come before their children in the file.

Remove the Sample Data

Just in case it needs stating, if you use the template CSV provided, you should remove the sample data. Otherwise, you’ll have members that you don’t need in SpeedIn.


You should have a complete CSV that you are ready to import, at least a few members if you want to test. Simply go to Members and click the Import from CSV button. Then upload the CSV file and click Import.

Import from CSV

If you’ve followed these instructions, you should be successful!