Frequently asked questions about how SpeedIn works

Created by: Paul Nuschke on Dec. 13, 2018

SpeedIn is an application that allows you to control access to your "club" or venue based on members. To learn more about requirements, how check-ins work, timezones, events, and more please read on.

What are the requirements for using SpeedIn?

  • A place to check in your member. This might be something like a desk or a gate.
  • A person who will use SpeedIn at your gate to look up members.
  • An internet-enabled computer so that you can search against your member list.
  • Optional - If you want to use key fobs, which offer an additional level of security and speed to your check-in, then you need a scanner and the RFID key fobs for your members. See Getting Started with Key Fobs

How does Check-In Work?

In general, your goal is to verify that a member is actually a member before they gain access to your club/venue. With SpeedIn, you add those members to the application. When they arrive, you search or scan then to verify if they are in the system. You click "Check-In" to mark that they checked in. That's it!

What happens if they leave and check in again? Do you have a way to check out members?

By default once a member is checked in on a given day, you will see a visual marker for that member as well as the time that s/he checked in. In the default case, you can search for that member and check him or her in again.

Optionally, you can enable "check out". If for some reason you need to know exactly who is at your venue at any given time, then you should enable check out. When check out is enabled, your members will stay checked in until you click "Check out". You can then use reporting features to get a list of everyone at your venue. You should only enable this feature if you are willing to actually check out your members - this can be an unnecessary burden on most clubs.

I live in a timezone other than eastern time, can you show dates and times in my time zone?

Yes! You simply enter your timezone and then dates will be displayed in your timezone.

Do you support events?

Yes! With SpeedIn, we support two types of events. First, you can set up an event for your whole membership. You will check in for that event in a similar way to the non-event check-in, but you gain additional reporting features. Set up is very easy because your whole membership can attend.

The second type of event we support is for partial membership. In this event, you are selling or having members register for an event. In this type of event, you'll need to "Sell" a spot in the event for each member. Please note that SpeedIn does not currently take payments. Please contact us if you require that feature.

SpeedIn does not currently support public events with self-registration and ticketing, but this feature is under consideration.