All About Members, Families, and Memberships

Created by: Paul Nuschke on March 26, 2020

In this article, we dive into how Members, Families, and Memberships work together to enable your Club.

Members and Families

In SpeedIn, active Members are individuals that are part of your Club or Organization. Active Members can be registered for events and can be checked in or out from the daily check-in feature. In another article, we cover the different types of Member statuses and what they mean.

Members must belong to a Family. A Family can be a family, group, or whatever you need. Some Clubs use apartment numbers as their groups, with the tenants as Members. If you do not need Families or Groups, you can also create just one Family and add all Members to it. Families are required because they provide a way to easily group members for the purposes of managing Memberships and also for checking in a group of people quickly. Compared with some competitors, this is a major benefit of SpeedIn.

Membership Types

A Membership Type is simply a level of Membership that you are offering to your Members. For example, you may have an Individual, Small Family, and Large Family memberships. Or if you are a Swim and Racquet Club, maybe Tennis, Tennis + Pool, or Pool. It's up to you.

If you enable the Member Portal, your public Membership Types will be available on the portal for your Members to choose during registration.


A Membership, simply defined, is a Membership Type that has been added to a Family. One or more Membership can optionally be added to a Family.

Memberships are the key to managing your Members, as they provide a way to find Families and Members, and as a way to manage the status of who can gain access to your Club.

The Future of Memberships and Membership Types

These features are an area of active development for SpeedIn. In the future, your Members will be able to purchase Membership through your Member Portal. In addition, you will have tools for automating actions related to Memberships. For example, if you are a seasonal club, you will be able to set a Membership to expire at the end of the season so that the next year starts fresh.